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Baking & Pastry Utensils at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Baking & Pastry Utensils for further information or to purchase online.

Bonjour Cooking Torch Rated: Bonjour Cooking Torch rating
Ideal for crème brûlée and meringues, this tool provides a home cook with the same tool for caramelizing sugar that a restaurant chef uses. Use it also, as pros sometimes do, for p...

Calphalon Nylon Pastry Brush Rated: Calphalon Nylon Pastry Brush rating
A pastry brush is one of those tools for which there is no substitute. If you need to brush an egg wash over a pie crust, a knife or spatula wont do. This pastry brush from Calphalon features soft, pl...

Crème Brûlée Set Rated: Crème Brûlée Set rating
The ritual of indulging in crème brûlée starts with a sound: the brittle crack as a spoon bre´aks through the caramelized sugar into the rich custard below. Create café-perfect bat...

Catskill Craftsmen Wood Pastry Board with Baking Graphics Rated: Catskill Craftsmen Wood Pastry Board with Baking Graphics rating
The baker--especially one just starting out--will appreciate having the dimensions marked right on this pastry boards rolling surface. Marked with circles for pie crusts and edged with a ruler for bre...

Kaiser Bakeware Rolling Pin with Upright Handles Rated: Kaiser Bakeware Rolling Pin with Upright Handles rating

Kaiser Bakeware Childrens 3 Piece Baking Accessories Set Rated: Kaiser Bakeware Childrens 3 Piece Baking Accessories Set rating

Kaiser Bakeware Childrens 5 Piece Baking Wood Accessories Set Rated: Kaiser Bakeware Childrens 5 Piece Baking Wood Accessories Set rating

KitchenAid All Purpose Scraper, Gray Rated: KitchenAid All Purpose Scraper, Gray rating
Calibrated in 1/4 inches for measuring pastry, this 5-inch-wide scraper is not only useful for baking and cleaning cutting surfaces, it can also be used to crush garlic cloves and dice vegetables. Its...

KitchenAid Pastry Brush, Gray Rated: KitchenAid Pastry Brush, Gray rating
Dont be afraid to gild the lily with this tool in hand. Brush baked goods with egg wash for a distinctive color and sheen, baste grilled foods with marinade, or do as the pros do and gild your most ex...

KitchenAid Pastry Crimper, White Rated: KitchenAid Pastry Crimper, White rating
Can she bake a cherry pie? Not without a pastry crimper like this one in hand--its indispensable for cutting the fluted edges of pie crust. The scalloped wheel makes dainty crimps around the edges of ...

Lee Pro Products Chocolate Chipper Rated: Lee Pro Products Chocolate Chipper rating
Martha Stewart cheerfully chops chocolate on her cooking show with an instrument like this, and now we can as well. This sturdy tool converts hard, thick baking-chocolate bars into chunks for cookies,...

Matfer Exopat Nonstick Baking/Roasting Sheet Rated: Matfer Exopat Nonstick Baking/Roasting Sheet rating
Made of slippery silicone, the Exopat baking mat prevents cookies and pastries from sticking, eliminating the need for parchment paper, nonstick cooking surfaces, and the greasing of baking sheets. It...

Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron Rated: Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron rating
The Scandinavian version of Italian pizzelle, krumkakes are light, crisp, cone-shaped cookies served either sprinkled with sugar or filled with whipped cream. This hinged iron makes them the tradition...

OXO Good Grips Dough Blender Rated: OXO Good Grips Dough Blender rating
Trying to blend butter or margarine with dry ingredients is no easy task. Although it can be accomplished with the crossing of swords (in this case, butter knives), your arms and hands certainly bear ...

Rösle 1.4-Inch Pastry Brush Rated: Rösle 1.4-Inch Pastry Brush rating
One of Rösles superb kitchen utensils, this 9-1/4-inch brush has a dense head of natural bristles 1 inch wide and 1.4 inches long for applying egg washes, melted butter or chocolate, and glazes t...

Rösle 1-Inch Pastry Brush Rated: Rösle 1-Inch Pastry Brush rating
One of Rösles superb kitchen utensils, this 8-1/2-inch brush has a dense head of natural bristles 1 inch wide and 1.2 inches long for applying egg washes, melted butter or chocolate, and glazes t...


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