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Collectible Figurines at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Collectible Figurines for further information or to purchase online.

Fragrant Bouquet Figurine Rated: Fragrant Bouquet Figurine rating
Lladró flowers are world-famous, painstakingly created by hand by carefully trained artisans. "Fragrant Bouquet," introduced in 1992, is among the most popular pieces and is a beautiful addition ...

Lalique Fish - Amber Rated: Lalique Fish - Amber rating
Designed by René Lalique in 1913, this perky little fish has been part of the Lalique collection ever since. Satiny frosted crystal, finished by hand. It stands for display on its fins. Specify (...

Lilliput Lanes Big Ben Rated: Lilliput Lanes Big Ben rating
Big Ben for the Lilliputian in all of us. The real deal has 2-foot-high numbers on its face and is minutely adjusted by stacking coins on its pendulum. Our reproduction forgoes such size and opts inst...

Lilliput Lanes Buckingham Palace Rated: Lilliput Lanes Buckingham Palace rating
When Queen Elizabeth II and her entourage are in London, they make themselves at home in a considerably larger version of this minutely detailed model. Now you can place a convincing replica of one of...

Limited Royal Doulton Peter Rabbit Anniversary Figure Rated: Limited Royal Doulton Peter Rabbit Anniversary Figure rating
Little did Beatrix Potter imagine that the sweet bunny rabbit she wrote about in correspondence to the son of her former governess would eventually hippety-hop into the hearts of millions. Now crowdin...

Lladró Father Time Figurine Rated: Lladró Father Time Figurine rating
Catch him while hes here. "Father Time" is available for a limited time. The last of three pieces in the "Inspirational Millennium" collection which includes "Milky Way" and "New Horizons". His flowin...

Lladró Loves Tender Tokens Figurine Rated: Lladró Loves Tender Tokens Figurine rating
Collectors have known for years that Lladró porcelain is amongst the finest in the world. Each piece is handmade and individually signed. Detail is the hallmark of Lladró pieces and is evide...

Lladró New Horizons Figurine Rated: Lladró New Horizons Figurine rating
Introduced in 1999, New Horizons is the second figurine in the "Inspirational Millennium" three-piece collection. Also included in the collection are "Milky Way" and "Father Time"; all three commemora...

Lladró Petals of Hope Figurine Rated: Lladró Petals of Hope Figurine rating
Introduced in 1999, "Petals of Hope" features exquisite details with flowers which seem alive. Third in the Petals series, which includes "Petals of Love" and "Petals of Peace". Handcrafted in Spain. ...

Lladró Spring is Here Figurine Rated: Lladró Spring is Here Figurine rating
Part of a 3 piece series introduced in 1984 which includes "Pretty Pickings" and "Sweet Scent". Makes a great gift for the Lladró collector. Lladró flowers are created by hand by talented ar...

Love Nest Figurine Pair Rated: Love Nest Figurine Pair rating
This classic pair of porcelain doves represent love and are characteristically Lladró. This collectible piece is likely to gain value with each passing year, making it a special gift as well as a...

Milky Way Figurine Rated: Milky Way Figurine rating
Introduced in 1998, this is the first figurine of three in the "Inspiration Millennium" collection. Also included in the collection are "New Horizons" and "Father Time"; all three commemorate the end ...

Richard the Lionhearted Bullmastiff Rated: Richard the Lionhearted Bullmastiff rating
Meticulously handpainted, each porcelain piece is individually signed by its highly skilled artisan. Ranging from 3-1/2"h to 6"h, each figure arrives in a handsome gift box. Made in England....

Swarovski Bald Eagle Rated: Swarovski Bald Eagle rating
The grandeur of the bald eagle is reflected in Swarovskis finest crystal. Perchedř on a branch and ready for flight, this miniature replica of our national bird is crafted in exquisite detail. A beaut...

Swarovski Bird Bath Figurine Rated: Swarovski Bird Bath Figurine rating
The whole spectrum of natures splendor is reflected in the delicate facets of this intricate Swarovski crystal piece featuring two delicate birds. 2-3/8"H. Imported....

Swarovski Crystal Cinderella Rated: Swarovski Crystal Cinderella rating
If a gift could restore ones beliefs in fairy tales and happy endings, it would be this figurine created by the artisans of Swarovski. Cinderella descends a stairway, an enchanting sight in faceted cl...

Swarovski Grand Piano with Stool Figurine Rated: Swarovski Grand Piano with Stool Figurine rating
For the aspiring musician. Swarovski has elegantly transformed this classic instrument into a miniature design of full-cut crystal. Imported from Austria....

Swarovski Parrot Rated: Swarovski Parrot rating
Brand new for the 2002 holiday season, this delightful Swarovski ® figure is ideal perched on a desktop or in the midst of your collection. Designer Michael Stamey based the design on one of his o...

Swarovski The Cat Rated: Swarovski The Cat rating
The artisans of Swarovski have crafted this figurine of clear crystal that will enchant any cat owner. Stands 4-1/2H", adding a prominent sparkle wherever displayed. The regal-looking cat, soliciting ...

Thomas Blackshear Praise Collectible Figurine Rated: Thomas Blackshear Praise Collectible Figurine rating
A passionate and heartfelt tribute to true faith. Renowned artist Thomas Blackshear designed Praise so that each view presents a powerful spiritual experience. The trio stands on a rotating base so yo...

Wedding Bells Long-Sleeve Figurine Rated: Wedding Bells Long-Sleeve Figurine rating
There are many ways to commemorate one of lifes most precious moments, but none more appropriate than with a gift of exquisite Lladró porcelain. The tenderly posed couple in this Wedding Bells fi...

Wild Roses Angel Rated: Wild Roses Angel rating
With childlike innocence and artistic grace, these collectible figures from artist Kathy Killip speak the language of flowers: wild roses for happiness, forget-me-nots for remembrance, strawberries fo...

William Britain: Royal Herald Figurine Rated: William Britain: Royal Herald Figurine rating
Major A. G. Maxwell cut an extraordinary figure when he galloped onto the scene astride his gleaming black steed. As the royal herald of the Prince of Waless Bengal Cavalry, he was charged with readin...

William Britain: Six Wives of Henry VIII Figurines Rated: William Britain: Six Wives of Henry VIII Figurines rating
Exclusive. Three Catherines, two Annes, one Jane: Six wives in rapid succession! How did Henry VIII keep them all straight? You wont have any trouble doing so when you display this charming set of min...

Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Short Chef Bottle Rated: Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Short Chef Bottle rating
Give this cork-stoppered ceramic bottle as a lighthearted gift or keep it to serve wine or a special salad dressing--and watch the fun begin. An inscription on the bottom reads, "Designed to inspire s...

Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Square Chef Bottle Rated: Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Square Chef Bottle rating
Give this cork-stoppered ceramic bottle as a lighthearted gift or keep it to store high-quality olive oil. An inscription on the bottom reads, "Designed to inspire smiles!" The glossy white bottle, de...

Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Tall Chef Bottle Rated: Wine Things Unlimited Master Chefs Tall Chef Bottle rating
Give this cork-stoppered ceramic bottle as a lighthearted gift or keep it to serve wine or a special salad dressing--and watch the fun begin. An inscription on the bottom reads, "Designed to inspire s...


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