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Corkscrews & Openers at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

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Henckels Euro Corkscrew Rated: Henckels Euro Corkscrew rating

KitchenAid Wing Corkscrew, Gray Rated: KitchenAid Wing Corkscrew, Gray rating
This is one corkscrew that wont get lost in your gadget drawer. At 10-1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide, its solid heft makes for a substantial corkscrew. Simply slip the device over your wine bottle,...

Metrokane 4-Piece Wine Tool Kit Rated: Metrokane 4-Piece Wine Tool Kit rating
Clad in a black matte-finish that feels like velvet and provides a sure grip even when wet, the handsome tools in this four-piece kit equip a bar or dining room with all the essentials for opening, po...

Metrokane Deluxe Rabbit with Foilcutter Rated: Metrokane Deluxe Rabbit with Foilcutter rating
A great gift for wine lovers, this powerful tool effortlessly extracts the cork from any wine bottle with simple lever action. Gripping handles clamp on a bottles neck; pushing down the lever drives t...

Metrokane Gold Titanium Rabbit Rated: Metrokane Gold Titanium Rabbit rating

Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew, Black Rated: Metrokane Houdini Corkscrew, Black rating
Like the handcuff king its named for, the Metrokane Houdini lever-style corkscrew works so easily it practically defies explanation. The Houdini was designed by the innovative company that created the...

Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew with Foilcutter, Black Rated: Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew with Foilcutter, Black rating
There are hundreds of different corkscrews, but none matches the extraordinary Rabbit. With 31 different moving parts, this modern, black wine opener is an engineering feat built for speed. But ordina...

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set, Silver Rated: Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set, Silver rating
A great gift for a wine lover, this powerful tool effortlessly extracts the cork from any wine bottle in 3 seconds with a simple lever action. Handles with comfortable rubberized padding easily clamp ...

Metrokane Velvet Champagne Pliers Rated: Metrokane Velvet Champagne Pliers rating
Locker room hunks require no assistance when removing corks from champagne or other bubbly-wine bottles, and theyre happy to spray wine around. Others, however, find it difficult to uncork a bubbly wi...

Oneida Waiters Corkscrew Rated: Oneida Waiters Corkscrew rating
This handsome, hand-polished stainless-steel waiters corkscrew is a compact, all-in-one tool for home entertaining that fits easily into a pocket. Folded, it measures a little more than 4 inches long,...

Oneida Wing Corkscrew Rated: Oneida Wing Corkscrew rating
Wing-style corkscrews make pulling corks about as foolproof as possible. If you havent used one of these before, heres how they work: place this attractive stainless-steel corkscrew from Oneida over t...

Oneida Corkscrew Rated: Oneida Corkscrew rating
Choose quality Oneida accessories for the cook who values precision tools. Measuring cups, measuring spoons and 2-Tbsp. coffee measure are 18/8 stainless steel and have a hand-polished finish that wil...

Saint Hilaire Question Mark Corkscrew Rated: Saint Hilaire Question Mark Corkscrew rating
Intrigue the wine connoisseur with a gift for that next wine-tasting event. This silver-plated corkscrew, made in France by Saint Hilaire, features a handle in the shape of a question mark. Designed f...

OXO Good Grips Cork Pull Rated: OXO Good Grips Cork Pull rating
No more tugging, no more pulling, no more achi´ng, red-marked hands. This cork pull allows easy turning of its soft, comfortable knob. Once the nonstick screw is anchored in the cork, simply continue ...

OXO Good Grips Waiters Corkscrew Rated: OXO Good Grips Waiters Corkscrew rating
This handy little invention is small enough to slip into your pocket or tuck in a picnic basket. First and foremost a sturdy and reliable stainless-steel corkscrew, this versatile tool also boasts a f...

Pedrini Corkscrew Rated: Pedrini Corkscrew rating
Sleek Italian style and heavy-duty, rugged construction distinguish this handsome, highly effective tool, which removes corks effortlessly from both traditional and flange-style bottles. The spiral is...

Sabatier Laguiole Rosewood Corkscrew in Wood Storage Tray Rated: Sabatier Laguiole Rosewood Corkscrew in Wood Storage Tray rating
So strikingly designed its a conversation piece, this folding corkscrew has a stainless-steel spiral, curved foil-cutting blade, and handle accents setting off its warm, rosewood handle. The design wa...

Screwpull 2-Piece Table Model Wine Opener Giftset, Black Rated: Screwpull 2-Piece Table Model Wine Opener Giftset, Black rating
Forget struggling with your corkscrew, hoping you wont break the cork or drop the bottle. Give this wine opener set a try and youll be amazed at how easily the cork slips out. You can open a new bottl...

Screwpull Champagne Star Rated: Screwpull Champagne Star rating
If only the French make true champagne, its only natural that the French company Le Creuset has designed a champagne opener extraordinaire. This compact tool slips into the notches left in the cork af...

Screwpull Elegance 3-Piece Lever Model Gift Set Rated: Screwpull Elegance 3-Piece Lever Model Gift Set rating
You have to open a lot of wine to justify doing it with a beautiful piece of machinery like this one, which weighs in at nearly 2 pounds. But the sommelier in you will love the glowing, slightly inden...

Screwpull Foilcutter, Black Rated: Screwpull Foilcutter, Black rating

Screwpull Lever Model Wine Opener Gift Set Rated: Screwpull Lever Model Wine Opener Gift Set rating
Equipped with a newly designed, long-lasting screw, this famous lever-action cork puller can now open 2,000 bottles of wine uninterrupted (meaning you dont need to replace the screw). That alone makes...

Vacu Vin Winemaster Corkscrew, Black Rated: Vacu Vin Winemaster Corkscrew, Black rating
Its another wonder of modern technology from the folks at Vacu Vin: this corkscrew stands head and ´shoulders above any similar model. The tiny foil cutter stores in the top of the machine--just pop i...

WMF Tapa Stainless Steel Corkscrew Rated: WMF Tapa Stainless Steel Corkscrew rating
One of WMFs high-quality wine tools, this corkscrew removes a wine bottles cork without pulling. It simply sits on a bottles neck while the spiral is turned into the screw continuously in one directio...

WMF Vino 2-Piece Wine Opener Set Rated: WMF Vino 2-Piece Wine Opener Set rating
Two of WMFs high-quality wine tools, the corkscrew and foil cutter in this set are made of steel plated in bright chrome. Theyre heavy, substantial, luxurious, and beautifully functional. The corkscre...

Wüsthof Waiters Corkscrew Rated: Wüsthof Waiters Corkscrew rating
Tiny enough to fit in a suit pocket, this portable corkscrew is the type favored by the pros. Made of stainless steel with an anodized aluminum handle, this corkscrew is built to last through numerous...


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