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Fitness at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Fitness for further information or to purchase online.

Oregon Scientific BW101 Body Weight Monitor Rated: Oregon Scientific BW101 Body Weight Monitor rating
This high-precision body weight monitor offers accurate weight measurement to a capacity of 330 pounds. The slim design fits into small bathrooms and the large LCD display is easy to read from a stand...

Oregon Scientific HR308 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Rated: Oregon Scientific HR308 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor rating
Optimize your exercise program, lose weight or protect your health. Accurate and comfortable, the wireless chest strap* transmits your heart rate to the accompanying wristwatch -- includes HiGlo clock...

Oregon Scientific HR318 Trainer Pro Heart Rate Monitor Rated: Oregon Scientific HR318 Trainer Pro Heart Rate Monitor rating
Whether training for a triathlon or just maintaining a healthy level of exercise, this heart rate monitor tells you if your heart rate is in the proper range for the type of activity youre doing. The ...

Oregon Scientific PE316CA Pedometer with Calorie Counter Rated: Oregon Scientific PE316CA Pedometer with Calorie Counter rating
Oregon Scientifics pedometer is an affordable high-tech fitness tool packed with functions. Its very lightweight (which is great when exercising), and doesnt provide a distraction while the workout is...

Oregon Scientific PE316FM Pedometer with FM Radio Rated: Oregon Scientific PE316FM Pedometer with FM Radio rating
This sleek little pedometer calculates steps taken, distance covered, and time elapsed, so you can forget the numbers and just relax to the radio. Customizable for weight and stride length, the pedome...

Oregon Scientific PE316PM Pedometer with Pulse Meter Rated: Oregon Scientific PE316PM Pedometer with Pulse Meter rating
This lightweight belt-clip pedometer counts steps and checks your pulse--all in a unit about half the size of a yo-yo. Customizable for weight and stride length, the pedometer tallies up the steps tak...

Oregon Scientific PFA112 Pocket Fat Analyzer Rated: Oregon Scientific PFA112 Pocket Fat Analyzer rating
For athletes, dieters, or others who need to monitor their body fat on a regular basis, this handheld, compact, pocket fat analyzer works from any location. Other methods of calculating body fat can b...

Oregon Scientific PM138 Personal Pulse Meter Rated: Oregon Scientific PM138 Personal Pulse Meter rating
Keeping close tabs on your pulse increases the accuracy, safety, and overall efficiency of any workout. This handy gauge from Oregon Scientific, worn on the wrist or around the neck, features a finger...

Oregon Scientific PM138-R Pulsemeter, Red Rated: Oregon Scientific PM138-R Pulsemeter, Red rating
Designed to be worn as a wristwatch or around your neck using an included lanyard, the pulsemeter travels easily and monitors your heart rate from any location. To operate, press the Pulse button on t...

Oregon Scientific PM280/B Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatch-Black Rated: Oregon Scientific PM280/B Heart Rate Monitor Wristwatch-Black rating
Keep close tabs on workout stats with this sophisticated heart monitor wristwatch. Working in combination with a comfortable chest band, the monitor takes quick, accurate measurements of a users heart...

Oregon Scientific SL928D 100 Lap Sports Stopwatch Rated: Oregon Scientific SL928D 100 Lap Sports Stopwatch rating
Designed for runners, this slim, lightweight stopwatch offers several functions including a calendar and alarm clock, a chronograph, a timer, and a pacer. The chronograph registers up to 100 laps and ...

Tanita 6102 Heart Rate Monitor Rated: Tanita 6102 Heart Rate Monitor rating

Tanita 6940-dg Stopwatch Pacesetter Clock Rated: Tanita 6940-dg Stopwatch Pacesetter Clock rating
The principle behind Tanitas pacesetter/stopwatch is simple--walking to a beat is both motivational and measurable. Once you gauge your current walking speed, you can add in faster and slower interval...

Tanita CJ-688-TB Jump Rope with Calorie Counter Rated: Tanita CJ-688-TB Jump Rope with Calorie Counter rating
Having to count while jumping rope can take the rhythm right out of a good jump-roping workout. Thats why this smartly designed rope from Tanita manages the numbers for you. Its easy to use--just ente...


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