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Irons at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Irons for further information or to purchase online.

Black & Decker F63D The Classic Metal Iron Rated: Black & Decker F63D The Classic Metal Iron rating
An iron with modern features but a classic metal look...

Black & Decker Quick N Easy Iron Rated: Black & Decker Quick N Easy Iron rating
The Quick n Easy iron is designed for speed. With twice as much steam, the Sure Steam System delivers steam automatically. Use the surge feature for a concentrated blast, or spray to dampen tough wrin...

Black & Decker Quick N Easy Steam Iron Rated: Black & Decker Quick N Easy Steam Iron rating

BLACK & DECKER S685 Steam Spray Auto Iron Rated: BLACK & DECKER S685 Steam Spray Auto Iron rating
Silverstone Non-Stick Soleplate / Steam / Surge of Steam / Spray / Automatic Cord Reel / Automatic Shut Off...

Black & Decker TravelPro Iron Rated: Black & Decker TravelPro Iron rating
With its handle folded flat, this lightweight, compact travel iron takes up less luggage space than a shoe, measuring just 8 by 2-1/2 by 4-1/2-inches. Key to its travel friendliness is the transparent...

Black & Decker X800 Prestige Iron Rated: Black & Decker X800 Prestige Iron rating
Equipped with a nonstick soleplate for a smooth glide and easy cleanup of starch residue, this lightweight, full-size, 1,200-watt iron is especially useful for sewing, quilting, and ´craft enthusiasts...

Black & Decker X850 Prestige Electric Iron Rated: Black & Decker X850 Prestige Electric Iron rating
This Black & Decker Prestige Elite premium iron boasts a wide range of features designed to make ironing quick and easy. Smart Steam System automatically adjusts at each temperature setting, giving ma...

Black & Decker X860 Prestige Electric Iron Rated: Black & Decker X860 Prestige Electric Iron rating
With a flashing red light turns solid green and a series of tones that sound when its heated to a selected temperature, this full-size, 1,200-watt iron eliminates the guesswork before its smooth-glidi...

Rowenta PowerPress Iron DM 170 Rated: Rowenta PowerPress Iron DM 170 rating
Youll never have to worry about this Rowenta PowerPress iron spitting and leaking on your clothes with its anti-drip system that prevents leaking when the thermostat is on a low setting. Vertical stea...

Bosch TDA8340UC Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate and Auto Shut-Off Rated: Bosch TDA8340UC Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate and Auto Shut-Off rating
Designed to generate continuous steam and take care of itself if you forget it, this full-size Bosch iron is a solid combination of handy features and safety smarts. A 1500-watt machine, the iron prod...

Braun SI6225 FreeStyle Steam Iron, Blue Rated: Braun SI6225 FreeStyle Steam Iron, Blue rating
With its straightforward controls and user-friendly structure, the FreeStyle steam iron from Braun is a light, powerful unit with versatile applications. Designed for dry, spray, or steam use, the 1,5...

Braun SI6245 FreeStyle Steam Iron, Green Rated: Braun SI6245 FreeStyle Steam Iron, Green rating
One of Braun’s most powerful steam irons, this FreeStyle model not only gets clothing wrinkle-free--it also preconditions fabric, so ironing is quicker and easier. With 71 steam vents in its ultr...

Braun SI6285 FreeStyle Pro Steam Iron, Silver Rated: Braun SI6285 FreeStyle Pro Steam Iron, Silver rating
1500 Watts / Pre-Conditioning Steam / NonStick Soleplate / 3-Way Automatic Shut-off / 8 Foot AC Cord / 10-Ounce Water Tank...

Corby 5500 Original Trouser Presser Rated: Corby 5500 Original Trouser Presser rating
A great timesaver, Corbys trouser presser allows anyone on the go to take the wrinkles out of pants and more. It has a large pressing area and is very versatile, with preset 15-, 30-, and 45-minute pr...

Euro-Pro EP171P Compact Performer Corded Iron Rated: Euro-Pro EP171P Compact Performer Corded Iron rating
Perfect for travel, the office, or a dorm room, this lightweight iron measures a compact 7-1/2 by 4 by 3 inches, yet packs 800 watts of steaming power and adjusts automatically to worldwide voltage sy...

Euro-Pro EP480SH Shark Professional Iron Rated: Euro-Pro EP480SH Shark Professional Iron rating
The professional-quality vertical steam blast, anti-drip function, anti-calcium filter and self-cleaning ability of the Euro-Pro Shark Professional iron will make you wonder how you ever did without i...

Euro-Pro IR436R Cord/Cordless Iron Rated: Euro-Pro IR436R Cord/Cordless Iron rating
Combining the convenience of cordless and corded operation and 1,400-watt power, this iron is fully equipped for the 21st century. Users can lift the iron from its charging base with the 12-foot, pivo...

Pananasonic NI860R Steam/Dry Iron with Spray Rated: Pananasonic NI860R Steam/Dry Iron with Spray rating
Stainless Steel Sole-Plate with Dimple Magic for Fast Wrinkle Removal / Self-Clean / Detachable water Tank / Eurostyled...

Panasonic Steam/Dry Cord Reel Iron with Jet of Steam - Blue Rated: Panasonic Steam/Dry Cord Reel Iron with Jet of Steam - Blue rating
The Jet of Steam button on this Panasonic Steam/Dry iron zaps stubborn wrinkles with a burst of steam and cleans the steam vents at the same time. Features a stainless steel non-stick soleplate with d...

PHILIPS 192945 Mistral Elan Steam Iron Rated: PHILIPS 192945 Mistral Elan Steam Iron rating
SPECIAL PURCHASE / Non-Stick Surface / Steam and Spray Modes / Full Size / Easy to fill tank with large water window...

Black and Decker Prestige Plus Iron X830 Rated: Black and Decker Prestige Plus Iron X830 rating
The Black & Decker Prestige Plus iron gives you professional results at home. Smart Steam System automatically adjusts at each temperature setting, giving just the right amount of steam. Vertical surg...

Proctor-Silex 14410 SteamExcel Lightweight Iron Rated: Proctor-Silex 14410 SteamExcel Lightweight Iron rating
Garment Care is easier / Adjustable Steam and Spray / Nonstick Soleplate / Auto Shut-Off / Color: WHITE...

Proctor-Silex 14429S ClearSteam Full-Size Iron, Strawberry Rated: Proctor-Silex 14429S ClearSteam Full-Size Iron, Strawberry rating
This full-size, 1200-watt iron includes many features for precise work. Its sleek, strawberry red, durable plastic body is transparent for monitoring the water level in the 5-ounce tank. The nonstick ...

Rowenta Professional Iron DE-636 Rated: Rowenta Professional Iron DE-636 rating
This versatile iron from Rowenta has a vertical steam feature for removing wrinkles from hanging garments. The anti-drip feature helps prevent spitting and leaking when the thermostat is on a low sett...

Panasonic Jet Steam Iron NI-552R Rated: Panasonic Jet Steam Iron NI-552R rating
This advanced Panasonic iron eliminates wrinkles with powerful jet-of-steam technology. Remove stubborn wrinkles by blasting them with a strong, condensed burst of steam. Other features include a hand...

Rowenta DM-273 Powerglide 2 Iron with Auto-Off Feature Rated: Rowenta DM-273 Powerglide 2 Iron with Auto-Off Feature rating
From its smooth-gliding, dimpled, polished stainless-steel soleplate to its big 7.4-ounce transparent water tank, this iron is loaded with useful features. It delivers 1,400 watts of power, shuts off ...

Rowenta DM-580 Precision Iron Rated: Rowenta DM-580 Precision Iron rating
From its smooth-gliding, dimpled, polished stainless-steel soleplate to its big, transparent water tank, this iron is loaded with useful features. It delivers 1,400 watts of power, shuts off in 30 sec...

Rowenta DM-880 Professional Luxe Iron Rated: Rowenta DM-880 Professional Luxe Iron rating
This model eases the burden of heavy ironing with loads of features, beginning with a dimpled, polished stainless-steel soleplate for a smooth glide and a large transparent water tank for interruption...

Rowenta DM-991 Ultra Professional Iron Rated: Rowenta DM-991 Ultra Professional Iron rating
From a hardened, polished, stainless-steel soleplate to an enormous 10.8-ounce transparent water tank, this iron has everything. The soleplate glides smoothly, resists scratching, doesnt stick or stai...

Singer Magic Steam Press Rated: Singer Magic Steam Press rating
With its smart, sandwich construction and easy operation, the Singer Magic Steam Press cuts ironing time dramatically and leaves fabric looking fresh from the cleaners. Ideal for clothes, linens, sewi...

Euro-Pro Shark StingRay Iron Rated: Euro-Pro Shark StingRay Iron rating
The Euro-Pro Shark StingRay iron gets the job done efficiently and effectively with features like professional-quality vertical steam power and a stainless steel soleplate for effortless gliding and h...

Panasonic Steam/Dry Cord Reel Iron - Purple Rated: Panasonic Steam/Dry Cord Reel Iron - Purple rating
This Panasonic Steam/Dry iron keeps things simple and easy with features like a non-stick soleplate for smooth gliding and a retractable cord reel that eliminates tangles. Adjustable steam settings an...

SUNBEAM 4043 Steam and Spray Iron Rated: SUNBEAM 4043 Steam and Spray Iron rating
Designed for family-size ironing chores / Adjustable Steam and Spray Modes / Stainless Steel Soleplate...

Sunbeam Garment Steamer Rated: Sunbeam Garment Steamer rating
Pack your favorite outfits when traveling because now you can keep them looking presentable when youre on the road. This compact steamer is actually a complete garment-care package. Features shot of s...

T-Fal 1816 Avantis 70 Steam Iron with Ultraglide Soleplate Rated: T-Fal 1816 Avantis 70 Steam Iron with Ultraglide Soleplate rating
With dry iron, water spray, and full-range steam capabilities, the T-Fal Avantis 70 steam iron shows frustrating wrinkles the door--and fast. The 1,400-watt iron is designed for horizontal ironing, ge...

T-Fal 1824 Avantis Iron Rated: T-Fal 1824 Avantis Iron rating
This full-size, 1,400-watt iron is great for household ironing--it has a slick, tough, scratch-resistant soleplate, which provides a smooth glide, and an anticlogging valve to combat mineral buildup. ...


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