Bucket Boss Brand 04040 Crate Boss without Crate

Bucket Boss Brand 04040 Crate Boss without Crate

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Bucket Bosss Crate Boss is loaded with pockets--13 interior and 28 exterior. Filled systematically, this tool organizer gives you storage and immediate see-it-grab-it access to a remarkable number of tools: hammers, wrenches, drivers, bits, staple gun, pry bar, etc. Theres even a handy snap-in pocket for a cordless drill. Because the Crate Boss fits snugly over a standard milk crate (not included), it wont tip over in the back of your truck the way bucket organizers can. It also takes up less space. The tradeoff, however, is that you really cant carry two of these at once (without spilling) the way you can with bucket organizers. The Crate Boss doesnt seem quite as spacious as the Bucket Boss, but by the same token, its compactness means youre less likely to get sloppy and misplace a tool at the bottom of it. Whichever you decide to buy--Crate Boss or Bucket Boss--youll have an organizer far more convenient than the toolbox of yesteryear. --Jon Groebner . . .Read More

 13 interior pockets
 28 exterior pockets
 Extremely stable
 Shape of milk crate
 Crate not included

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Bucket Boss Brand 04040 Crate Boss without Crate
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