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Melitta at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Melitta for further information or to purchase online.

Melitta MEBG8B Coffee Mill Rated: Melitta MEBG8B Coffee Mill rating
Equipped with hard burrs that grind beans more uniformly and without the flavor-destroying heat generated by blade grinders, this coffee mill makes preparing fresh coffee simple. It has preprogrammed ...

Melitta MEFB1B 12-Cup Basic Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEFB1B 12-Cup Basic Coffeemaker rating
This coffeemaker brews up to twelve 5-ounce cups of coffee at a high temperature with an accelerated speed--35 seconds per cup, with a four-cup minimum. For a quick pour, the coffeemaker automatically...

Melitta MEFB2B 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEFB2B 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker rating
This 12-cup coffee maker brews at high temperature in about half the time of other models--meaning theres a shorter wait between your eyes opening in the morning and your first dosage of caffeine. The...

Melitta MEFB2W 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEFB2W 12-Cup Digital Coffeemaker rating
This coffeemaker brews up to twelve 5-ounce cups of coffee at a high temperature for speed--35 seconds per cup, with a four-cup minimum. For a quick pour, the coffeemaker automatically pauses the brew...

Melitta MEG1WKIT Grinder with Coffee Beans, White Rated: Melitta MEG1WKIT Grinder with Coffee Beans, White rating
A perfect gift for a coffee lover, this grinder comes with a 9-ounce bag of Colombian coffee beans, ready to produce full-flavored coffee as soon as its unwrapped. The grinder has a stainless-steel-li...

Melitta MEMB10TB Mill & Brew Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEMB10TB Mill & Brew Coffeemaker rating
Winner of the American Culinary Institutes Best of Show Award for Excellence, the Mill & Brew integrates two products into one space-saving unit. The built-in coffee mill grinds up your whole beans to...

Melitta MEMB1B Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Black Rated: Melitta MEMB1B Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker, Black rating
With the Melitta Mill & Brew Coffeemaker you can wake up to the freshest, most flavorful coffee imaginable. Go from whole beans to brewed coffee without guesswork, mess or countertop clutter. Just add...

Melitta MEPE123W Espresso Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEPE123W Espresso Coffeemaker rating

Melitta MEPE15B 15 Bar Pump Expresso Rated: Melitta MEPE15B 15 Bar Pump Expresso rating

Melitta MEPT1B Perfect Time 12-Cup Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEPT1B Perfect Time 12-Cup Coffeemaker rating
Equipped with a digital clock/timer tuned by a radio receiver to the U.S. atomic clock, this coffeemaker brews up to twelve 5-ounce cups of coffee and, because the clock/timer can be programmed up to ...

Melitta MEPT1W Perfect Time Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEPT1W Perfect Time Coffeemaker rating

Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn Rated: Melitta MEU45 45-Cup Percolator Coffee Urn rating
Made of stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, this 45-cup coffeemaker is ideal for a buffet line, office, or any other situation drawing lots of coffee drinkers. It percolates up to 45 five-oun...

Melitta MEX2B Espresso Coffeemaker Rated: Melitta MEX2B Espresso Coffeemaker rating
A compact, easy-operating, inexpensive alternative to the more powerful machines favored by espresso aficionados, this 800-watt espresso maker brews 2 or 4 cups of espresso (about 1-1/2 ounces each) a...

Melitta Espresso and Cappuccino Maker (4-cup) MEX 1B Rated: Melitta Espresso and Cappuccino Maker (4-cup) MEX 1B rating
Make coffee like your favorite coffee shop with this 4-cup espresso/cappuccino maker by Melitta. A special froth-only feature helps you serve up thick, creamy cappuccinos and lattes, while the adjusta...

Melitta Java Perk Stainless Percolator (10-cup) Rated: Melitta Java Perk Stainless Percolator (10-cup) rating
This stainless steel Melitta percolator combines classic style with modern convenience. Quickly brew 10 flavorful cups of coffee, then remove the detachable power cord and serve immediately with the s...

Melitta Three For All Espresso Machine MEEX20B Rated: Melitta Three For All Espresso Machine MEEX20B rating
Skip the lines at the coffee shop, and instead make your own drinks with this precision cappuccino, coffee and espresso maker by Melitta. Whipping up a cappuccino or espresso is a snap with simplified...


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