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Other Specialty Appliances at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Other Specialty Appliances for further information or to purchase online.

Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Maker Rated: Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Maker rating
Designed just for the purpose of blending fast, nutritious smoothies, the Smoothie Elite does the job better than an ordinary blender and is easy to operate. The 56-ounce jar has measuring marks for a...

Delonghi A952 Cucina Potato Peeler Rated: Delonghi A952 Cucina Potato Peeler rating
Coarse, sandpaper-like grit covers the inside walls and removable rotating plate of this time-saving potato peeler. Simply attach to any DeLonghi DSM800 or DSM700 stand mixer, fill with a little water...

Disney 5555-04 Mickey Cookie Baker Rated: Disney 5555-04 Mickey Cookie Baker rating
Operating like a waffle iron, this appliance bakes two 5-inch-round, thin, crisp waffle cookies that have Mickey Mouses face imprinted on one side and an exuberant "Oh Boy!" on the other. The cookie b...

Haier America HDT18PA Space Saver Compact Dishwasher Rated: Haier America HDT18PA Space Saver Compact Dishwasher rating
Perfect for a small apartment or dorm room, this compact, countertop dishwasher holds four full place settings plus flatware in a separate basket. It offers two wash cycles (normal and heavy), a rinse...

Haier HVFM20ABB 20-Bottle Capacity Wine Cellar with Contoured Smoked Glass Door Rated: Haier HVFM20ABB 20-Bottle Capacity Wine Cellar with Contoured Smoked Glass Door rating
The perfect place to store your prized wine collection, this refrigerated cellar holds up to 20 bottles. An adjustable thermostat keeps the temperature between 45 and 60°F, while the amber-tinted...

Hamilton Beach 80200 Flat Bread MealMaker Bread Press and Skillet Rated: Hamilton Beach 80200 Flat Bread MealMaker Bread Press and Skillet rating
Tortilla, chapati, naan, pita, focaccia, roti, lavash, lefse--all these and about a dozen other flatbreads can be baked neatly in this ingenious countertop appliance while their fillings are either co...

Nesco American Harvest ER-3000 Expander Ring - Fits 1500/3000/3500 Series Rated: Nesco American Harvest ER-3000 Expander Ring - Fits 1500/3000/3500 Series rating
This expander ring fits all 1500, 3000, and 3500 series Nesco American Harvest Jet Stream Ovens. The ring is 3 inches high and when placed on an ovens base below the ovens top it doubles the ovens cap...

Nutritionist SY5A Soy Milk Maker Rated: Nutritionist SY5A Soy Milk Maker rating
If youre lactose-intolerant or concerned about other health issues, studies show that whole soy milk is an excellent part of a cancer-preventive diet. The soybean is a legume, very high in protein, vi...

Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker Rated: Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker rating
The Popeil Automatic Pasta Maker with built-in blow dryer and cutter is easy to use and kneads pasta dough in minutes. It makes 12 different types of pasta noodles in just 3 minutes and also makes bag...

Ronco PAS17 Automatic Pasta & Sausage Maker Rated: Ronco PAS17 Automatic Pasta & Sausage Maker rating
This versatile electric appliance mixes and extrudes pasta in diverse shapes, as well as sausage through a "horn." It also mixes and extrudes just about any dough or batter, including those for bagels...

Salton LM8 The Lemonader! Lemonade Maker Rated: Salton LM8 The Lemonader! Lemonade Maker rating

Santa Fe OG5TBR Tex Mex Reversible Oven Grill Rated: Santa Fe OG5TBR Tex Mex Reversible Oven Grill rating
This versatile countertop appliance cooks everything from burgers to brownies, including omelets, fajitas, and enchiladas. It has two 5-1/4-by-9-inch nonstick cooking surfaces, and functions both open...

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker Rated: Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker rating
For a quick and easy meal, this festive red machine fires up quesadillas filled with grilled veggies, barbecued chicken, or just plain old cheese in under five minutes. The cooking plates fit tortilla...

Santa Fe WG1TBR Buffet, Red Rated: Santa Fe WG1TBR Buffet, Red rating
From breakfast burritos to steak fajitas, cooking your favorite entrees is quick and easy with this all-in-one Santa Fe kitchen buffet. With the nonstick grilling and cooking surface you can prepare m...

Sanyo HPS-S3G 3 in 1 Versatile Electric Cooker Rated: Sanyo HPS-S3G 3 in 1 Versatile Electric Cooker rating
This multipurpose electric cooker grills chicken breasts, steams vegetables, or pan-fries fish--whatever youre in the mood for--for up to two people. Portable yet powerful, the cooker runs at 1,000 wa...

Villaware 3900 Krumkake Baker Rated: Villaware 3900 Krumkake Baker rating
Whether you are of Scandinavian heritage or just an adventurous cook, this Krumkake Baker will create beautifully patterned, whimsical cookies. Working much like a waffle iron, the Krumkake bakes two ...

Villaware 5955 Grand Wrap Tortilla and Flatbread Maker Rated: Villaware 5955 Grand Wrap Tortilla and Flatbread Maker rating
Enjoy wraps, tortillas, burritos and more fresh, healthy flatbreads at home. Heavy-duty electric baker has die-cast, nonstick aluminum cooking plates, die-cast handle press, automatic thermostat contr...

West Bend 88063 3-Quart Electric Fondue Rated: West Bend 88063 3-Quart Electric Fondue rating
Fondue makes a fun, family-style meal for a group and is quick and easy for the hosts to put together. This 3-quart fondue pot serves up a family-sized bowl of traditional savory cheese fondue for bre...

WindChaser Portable Ice Cube Maker Rated: WindChaser Portable Ice Cube Maker rating


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