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Rugs at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Rugs for further information or to purchase online.

2 x 3 Braided Rug Rated: 2 x 3 Braided Rug rating
A good feeling is afoot. Bright and lively shades of blended cotton chenille are beautifully braided into our handmade rug. Dry-clean only. This item was offered at the first price shown more than 12 ...


30X50 BOUNDARY RUG Rated: 30X50 BOUNDARY RUG rating

Bamboo Rug (30x50 inch) Rated: Bamboo Rug (30x50 inch) rating
Enjoy the stylish durability of bamboo-underfoot. These smart, well-crafted rugs are an outstanding alternative to wool or cotton floor coverings: easy to clean and long lasting, with a simple non-int...

Bellacan Woven Rug (94x63 inch) Rated: Bellacan Woven Rug (94x63 inch) rating
A sophisticated pattern of colored squares makes this Bellacan woven rug a versatile accent for any room. Blue-corded edging frames a stylish blend of large and small squares in smoke blue, green beig...

Carilla Woven Rug (94 inch x 63 inch) Rated: Carilla Woven Rug (94 inch x 63 inch) rating
This elegant Carilla woven rug combines warm colors with an intricate design. A yellow and green border and matching inset frames the diamond and flower patterns in blue, maroon, orange, brown, yellow...

Celtic Knot Rug Rated: Celtic Knot Rug rating
To the ancient Celts, interlacing knotwork was a symbol of eternal life. Based on a design from the Book of Kells, an 8th-century illuminated manuscript kept at Trinity College in Dublin, our rich, th...

Embroidered Vine Rug - 21x34 inch Rated: Embroidered Vine Rug - 21x34 inch rating
Enjoy a timeless design in a rug that can handle todays pace—the Embroidered Vine Area Rug. Center pattern features a beige background with leaves and stems in sage and darker green, mixed in wi...

Estelle Rug (50 inch x 30 inch) Rated: Estelle Rug (50 inch x 30 inch) rating
A stylish accent for sophisticated décor, this Estelle rug features rich colors and a flower design. Matching rust-colored borders frame a red-and-green rose pattern on separated backgrounds of b...

Floral Linen Woven Rug - (94x25) Rated: Floral Linen Woven Rug - (94x25) rating
Youll always have flowers at your feet° with this floral accent rug in your bedroom, bath or kitchen. The center features flowers in shades of blue, lavender, green and brown on a tan background. The ...

Genesis Woven Rug (30x50 inch) Rated: Genesis Woven Rug (30x50 inch) rating
Modern geometric style and warm, spicy tones distinguish this Genesis Woven Rug. Perfect for an entryway or great room, it features a simple, uneven pattern of navy, green, maroon, tan and light tan l...

Greco Woven Rug (132x96) Rated: Greco Woven Rug (132x96) rating
The columns and patterns of classical design inspired this stately Greco woven rug. It features scrolling patterns in ivory and tan on a black background. Made of stain-resistant olefin. Spot clean or...

Greenbriar Peridot Area Rug (21x60 inch) Rated: Greenbriar Peridot Area Rug (21x60 inch) rating
In rich shades of peridot green, this area rug offers a graceful way to pull together your entryway, dining room or sunroom décor. The looped rug has raised leaves in boxes around the outside wit...

Mullenberry Grid Area Rug - 21x34 inch Rated: Mullenberry Grid Area Rug - 21x34 inch rating
Add contemporary style and strong, neutral tones to any room with the Mullenberry Grid Area Rug. A black windowpane design and 1-1/4" trim surround 3-1/4" squares in muted hues of copper, gray and bei...

Palm Tree Woven Accent Rug - (50x30) Rated: Palm Tree Woven Accent Rug - (50x30) rating
Add an exotic touch to a bedroom, bath or kitchen with this palm tree accent rug in muted shades of tan and green. The checked border surrounds a row of graceful palm trees of different heights around...

Paragon Area Rug - 21x34 inch Rated: Paragon Area Rug - 21x34 inch rating
For soft color and softness underfoot, choose the Paragon Area Rug. Tonal squares in sandstone and taupe offer subtle variation but are still neutral enough to blend in easily to any décor. Textu...

Peartree Rug (50x34) Rated: Peartree Rug (50x34) rating

Rose Garden Woven Rug (34x21 inch) Rated: Rose Garden Woven Rug (34x21 inch) rating
Warm up a favorite room with this densely woven, rose garden-inspired rug, blooming with burgundy roses, olive green vines, an olive green and burgundy lattice design and a background of gold and brow...

Serena Spice Woven Rug (94 inch x63 inch) Rated: Serena Spice Woven Rug (94 inch x63 inch) rating
Define your living or dining room with this large leaf-inspired rug in a rich palette. Serena Spice pattern features a checkerboard of bold squares in olive green and burgundy with navy accents, each ...

Silverdale Navy Area Rug (21x60 inch) Rated: Silverdale Navy Area Rug (21x60 inch) rating
Contemporary and cool, this densely woven, plush area rug features multicolored squ°ares on a lustrous navy background. The squares have a dimensional, 3-color design and circle the edge and center of...

Studio Space Pinwheel Twirls Rug (50x30) Rated: Studio Space Pinwheel Twirls Rug (50x30) rating
The floral pattern in this Pinwheel Twirls rug coordinates with the Studio Space Pinwheel Twirls Bed in a Bag ensemble, and matching drapes and valance (sold separately). The center design of burgundy...

Swell Rugs - Pocket Full of Posies Rated: Swell Rugs - Pocket Full of Posies rating
┤Soothing pastels and an heirloom design inspired by vintage handkerchiefs make the Swell Pocket Full of Posies chenille rug a charming addition to any room. Pocket Full of Posies rug has a pale yello...

Swell Rugs - Silver Lining Rated: Swell Rugs - Silver Lining rating
Add fashionable elegance and soothing color to any room with the Swell Silver Lining chenille rug designed by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig—fashion designer and style editor, as well as sty...

Swell Rugs - Swell Dreams Rated: Swell Rugs - Swell Dreams rating
Brighten up a bedroom, hallway or foyer with the Swell Dreams chenille rug designed by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig—fashion designer and style editor, as well as style soulmates. In a beau...

Swell Rugs - Tickled Pink Rated: Swell Rugs - Tickled Pink rating
The Swell Tickled Pink rug is so irresistible that it may just make you blush. Designed by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig—fashion designer and style editor, as well as style soulmates—r...

Tracy Porter Evelyn Rug Rated: Tracy Porter Evelyn Rug rating
Porters timeless yet fresh design adorns many of our favorite items, like this delightful throw rug. The Evelyn is hand-hooked and crafted in 100% wool on 100% cotton backing. 3Lx5W. Available on Fiel...

Vine Hearth Rug Rated: Vine Hearth Rug rating
Create a focal point at the fireplace with this pretty vine-patterned rug. Rich burgundy and green tones contrast with a cream-colored background for a festive, welcoming look. The half-round shape de...

Waverly Garden Room Field of Flowers Accent Rug (34x21 inch) Rated: Waverly Garden Room Field of Flowers Accent Rug (34x21 inch) rating
This Waverly Garden Room Field of Flowers accent rug features soothing lilac hues and pretty floral patterns. Lilac- and rose-colored flowers with greenery bloom on a sunny yellow background bordered ...

Waverly Garden Room Hillside Accent Rug (34x21 inch) Rated: Waverly Garden Room Hillside Accent Rug (34x21 inch) rating
This Waverly Garden Room Hillside accent rug is casually elegant. The center design features bursts of red and blue flowers and greenery on a sky blue background with white dots. The border is a gingh...

Waverly Garden Room Sweet Violets Accent Rug (34x21 inch) Rated: Waverly Garden Room Sweet Violets Accent Rug (34x21 inch) rating
Fresh as springtime, the Waverly Garden Room Sweet Violets bedding collection combines bouquets of purple violets and green ivy with a pretty plaid in shades of purple, blue, white and green. Reversib...

Waverly Garden Room Vintage Rose Accent Rug (34x21 inch) Rated: Waverly Garden Room Vintage Rose Accent Rug (34x21 inch) rating
This Waverly® Garden Room™ Vintage Rose accent rug has a soft and timeless look. Lovely roses in deep reds, soft pinks and fresh greens decorate a beige background. A beige and brown checke...


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