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Stiffel at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Stiffel for further information or to purchase online.

Stiffel Art Glass Table Lamp, 29 inch Rated: Stiffel Art Glass Table Lamp, 29 inch rating
In the Art Glass Table Lamp Stiffel combines the timeless appeal of Tiffany glass with a brushed nickel finish and mod body shape to achieve classic contemporary styling. Two medium 100 W bulbs contro...

Stiffel Artemis 31-Inch Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Artemis 31-Inch Table Lamp rating
The Artemis table lamp is a clear example of Stiffels commitment to the careful balance between function and fashion. The process of casting from high grade metal gives this 32" tall lamp its heavy we...

Stiffel Bi-Coastal 20-3/4-Inch Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Bi-Coastal 20-3/4-Inch Table Lamp rating
Stiffels reputation of classic styling coupled with expert craftsmanship shine through in the Bi-Coastal Desk Lamp. Featuring two classic polished nickel roman numeral clocks suspended over a stitched...

Stiffel Brass Accent Lamp Rated: Stiffel Brass Accent Lamp rating
This traditional urn style accent lamp features updated modern details from Stiffel, a leader in lamp design and quality for over 65 years. The base is comprised of a rich combination of coffee-colore...

Stiffel Brass Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Brass Table Lamp rating
This traditional urn style lamp is updated with modern details from Stiffel, a leader in lamp design and quality for over 65 years. The base is comprised of a rich combination of coffee-colored faux l...

Stiffel Champaux 28-1/2-Inch Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Champaux 28-1/2-Inch Table Lamp rating
Cast from molten metal, the Champaux urn shaped table lamp rises to its glorious height of 29 1/4". With Stiffels commitment to lasting quality, the manufacturing of this lamp utilizes only the finest...

Stiffel Chateau 29-1/2-Inch Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Chateau 29-1/2-Inch Table Lamp rating
With a heritage of inspiring its customers, Stiffel delivers once again with the regency brass finished Chateau table lamp. Look closely and note the deep relief in this casted lamp starting at its fo...

Stiffel Coventry Table Lamp, 29 inch Rated: Stiffel Coventry Table Lamp, 29 inch rating
The Coventry Table Lamp by Stiffel in its traditional styling is the perfect addition to any room. F°inished in Regency Brass, 150 Watts of light play off of the gentle curves of this lamp. A brass ba...

Stiffel Epiphany Table Lamp, 30.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Epiphany Table Lamp, 30.5 inch rating
Simple and striking, Stiffels Epiphany Table Lamp offers 30.5" of vertical magnificence. A solid block of glass shines with ripple detailing and draws your eye to a center strip of brushed nickel. Fin...

Stiffel Fratelli Table Lamp, 31.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Fratelli Table Lamp, 31.5 inch rating
The Fratelli Table Lamp by Stiffel coordinates a polished silver finish with twin crystal columns in a dual light lamp. A pleated rectangular shade with pearl beads and woven trim adds a touch of refi...

Stiffel Ice Glass 29-1/2-Inch Table Lamp Rated: Stiffel Ice Glass 29-1/2-Inch Table Lamp rating

Stiffel Mission Organic Table Lamp, 27.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Mission Organic Table Lamp, 27.5 inch rating
The delicate features of wild flowers combine with the Prairie School influence of architecture to create Stiffels Mission Organic Table Lamp. From the square base with cast-in detail to the matching ...

Stiffel Pompei Table Lamp, 30.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Pompei Table Lamp, 30.5 inch rating
Stiffels Pompei Table Lamp allows you to have a lot of style in a little space. Antiquing throughout the Vintage Copper finish highlights intricate detailing that spans the entire 30.5" in height of t...

Stiffel Prestige Table Lamp, 27 inch Rated: Stiffel Prestige Table Lamp, 27 inch rating
The introduction of a new and different light source can make all the difference in changing the décor of a room. Stiffels Prestige Table Lamp combines traditional candlesticks with curvacious de...

Stiffel Serena Table Lamp, 30 inch Rated: Stiffel Serena Table Lamp, 30 inch rating
Your personal home décor expression can easily utilze this versatile lamp which blends well into any traditional to transitional interior. Statuesque is an applicable description for this 30" tal...

Stiffel Simplicity Table Lamp, 27.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Simplicity Table Lamp, 27.5 inch rating
Let there be no doubt that this Stiffel lamp will make a statement in your home. With a heritage of timeless designs, this Simplicity lamp delivers on that commitment. With a beautiful large urn body ...

Stiffel Tiffany Rose Table Lamp, 24.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Tiffany Rose Table Lamp, 24.5 inch rating
Stiffels Tiffany Rose Table Lamp exudes taste and elegance in a Terrace Bronze finish. A rosebud shape has been elongated to form the body of the lamp, and joins the base with carved leaf detailing. T...

Stiffel Tiraz Table Lamp, 30 inch Rated: Stiffel Tiraz Table Lamp, 30 inch rating
Classic sophistication is the inspiration behind Stiffels Tiraz Table Lamp. A crystal jewel sparkles inside the polished silver ribbed teardrop center, which meets the rectangular base over a black ma...

Stiffel Traditions II Table Lamp, 29.5 inch Rated: Stiffel Traditions II Table Lamp, 29.5 inch rating
Aptly named Traditions II, this beautiful lamp pays homage to the Stiffel tradition of timeless design. The body of the lamp is elegantly detailed with deep relief which is balanced by the heavy stepp...

Stiffel Triumph Table Lamp, 31 inch Rated: Stiffel Triumph Table Lamp, 31 inch rating
The rare quality that transcends the strictly utilitarian and goes beyond the merely decorative is found in this Stiffel Triumph table lamp. The polished Flemish bra┤ss finish is complimented by the G...

Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 21 inch Rated: Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 21 inch rating
Negative space within a rectangular body shows off an hourglass figure in this stiffel windows table lamp. The classic bronze finish brings this lamp from contemporary to transitional. Topped off with...

Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 22 inch Rated: Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 22 inch rating
At a mere 22" in height, Stiffels Windows Table Lamp draws attention to itself by being a model of form and function combined. Not only does it provide 150 Watts of illumination at three variable ligh...

Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 27 inch Rated: Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 27 inch rating
Table lamps can do more than just provide a light source, they can also serve as focal points for a room. Stiffels Windows Table Lamp is an excellent example of how a lamp can create visual interest. ...

Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 28 inch Rated: Stiffel Windows Table Lamp, 28 inch rating
This chrome finished Stiffel Windows Table Lamp combines hard lines in the outline structure with soft forms shaped by negative interior space to create a contemporary look for the masses. Complete wi...

Stiffel Wood & Bushed Nickel Buffet Lamp Rated: Stiffel Wood & Bushed Nickel Buffet Lamp rating
Add a unique detail to your room with this contemporary mahogany-finish wood and brushed-nickel buffet lamp from Stiffel. The quality and innovative designs that made Stiffel a leader in the lamp indu...


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