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Toro at eneva

Here at eneva.com our servers are continuously checking for the very best online deals on a vast range of products. Whilst it is quite possible that you may find products a few cents cheaper elsewhere, our objective is to find you keenly priced products from REPUTABLE ESTABLISHED vendors, offering a combination of secure online purchasing facilities and excellent service.

Simply click on any of the following products relating to Toro for further information or to purchase online.

Toro 30080 Replacement 24-Volt Battery Pack Rated: Toro 30080 Replacement 24-Volt Battery Pack rating
The iMow Robotic Mower battery pack contains two sealed, lead acid, 12-volt batteries that provide an average run time of 2-1/2 hours and recharge to full power in 24 hours. Additional battery packs a...

Toro 30081 Battery Charger Rated: Toro 30081 Battery Charger rating
The battery charger allows you to recharge your Toro iMow battery pack to full power within 24 hours. One battery charger is included with the purchase of the iMow Robotic Mower....

Toro 30082 Perimeter Switch Rated: Toro 30082 Perimeter Switch rating
Provides the power to your perimeter wire, keeping the iMow Robotic Mower within its boundary. Operation of the switch requires 3 size C batteries. One perimeter switch is included in the purchase of ...

Toro 30083 Extra Perimeter Wire (500 ft per box) Rated: Toro 30083 Extra Perimeter Wire (500 ft per box) rating
After using the perimeter pegs to stake this wire down, the wire creates a boundary, or virtual wall, the iMow Robotic Mower will work within. Additional wire lets you expand the mowing area to accomm...

Toro 30084 Perimeter Pegs (50 per bag) Rated: Toro 30084 Perimeter Pegs (50 per bag) rating
Use these pegs to secure the perimeter wire to the ground. Two bags are included in the purchase of the iMow Robotic Mower....

Toro 30085 Blades (3 blades per bag) Rated: Toro 30085 Blades (3 blades per bag) rating
These three 7-1/2 inch mower blades comprise the mowing system for the Toro iMow Robotic Mower. No tools are required to replace the Toro iMow blades....

Toro 38025 1800 Power Curve Snow Thrower Rated: Toro 38025 1800 Power Curve Snow Thrower rating
Remember when snow days meant snowball fights, building forts, and a day off from school? Now, they just mean having to shovel the driveway and walkway. Lucky for us, the Toro 1800 Power Curve snow th...

Toro 51241 9 inch Electric String Trimmer Rated: Toro 51241 9 inch Electric String Trimmer rating
This trimmer is perfect for trimming grasses & weeds. It has a powerful 2.2 amp motor for trouble-free operation. Its "trigger grip" handle makes it easy & comfortable to operate. It has a patented bu...

Toro 51353 15 inch Electric Trimmer & Edger Rated: Toro 51353 15 inch Electric Trimmer & Edger rating
The upper handle on the Toro 15-inch Trim & Edge rotates 180 degrees enabling you to quickly convert from trimming to edging. The rugged 3.6 amp gives you the power to tackle grasses, heavy weeds, and...

Toro 51357 15 inch Trim & Edge Rated: Toro 51357 15 inch Trim & Edge rating
Toros 15" Trim & Edge electric trimmer has a powerful 4.0 amp motor that handles those tough trimming chores. It has an exclusive all new dual trigger handle which makes it easy and comfortable for us...

Toro 51460 7 inch 12-Volt Cordless Trimmer Rated: Toro 51460 7 inch 12-Volt Cordless Trimmer rating
Toros new 7-inch cordless trimmer is powered by a rugged 12-volt battery so that you are not constrained by an extension cord and you dont have to hassle with gas and oil. Its compact, contemporary st...

Toro 51465 10 inch 24-Volt Cordless Trimmer Rated: Toro 51465 10 inch 24-Volt Cordless Trimmer rating
Toros new 10" cordless trimmer/edger has a powerful 24-volt battery that gives it the power to rival the performance of a gas powered unit, without the hassle of mixing gas and oil or having to worry ...

Toro 51573 Rake & Vac Rated: Toro 51573 Rake & Vac rating
The Toro Rake & Vac is 3 machines in one: a powerful blower, a high-speed vacuum and a leaf shredder. With air blasting up to 190 mph, it makes fast work of tough lawn chores. It is fast and easy to c...

Toro 51591 Super Blower/Vacuum Rated: Toro 51591 Super Blower/Vacuum rating
Hang onto Toto when you fire this baby up--the air blast out of this blower is phenomenal! The literature says it produces up to a 215 mph current, and theyre not kidding. It converts in a few seconds...

Toro 51596 18 inch 14.4 Volt Hedge Trimmer Rated: Toro 51596 18 inch 14.4 Volt Hedge Trimmer rating
Toros 18-inch Hedge Trimmer is powerful, lightweight, and easy to handle with the power and durability to get the job done. The dual-action blades move in opposite directions reducing vibration and pr...

Toro 51598 Ultra Blower Rated: Toro 51598 Ultra Blower rating
With 225 mph of maximum force, the Toro Ultra Blower is a three-in-one machine--blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder--thats ready to rip through leaf-covered lawns with the power of a small hurricane. Be...

Toro 59801 Trash/Debris Pouch Rated: Toro 59801 Trash/Debris Pouch rating
The Toro Utility Pouch is extremely convenient for holding debris while mowing. Washable and resistant to rot and mildew, this pouch attaches to the handle of your lawnmower with four Velcro strips so...

Toro 88175 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool Rated: Toro 88175 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool rating
Toros electric trimmer replacement spools are pre-wound and ready for use. No tools are needed to replace the spool. Just pop off the used spool and snap the new one in place. This spool has 30 feet o...

Toro 88185 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool Rated: Toro 88185 Electric Trimmer Replacement Spool rating
Toros electric trimmer replacement spools are pre-wound and ready for use. No tools are needed to replace the spool. Just pop off the used spool and snap the new one in place. This spool has 10 feet o...


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